The North Carolina General Assembly Careers portal provides a completely online process for applying for open positions. Below is some helpful information to assist in this process.

Getting Started:

  1. Click the Register link to create an account (see How to register below for more details)
  2. Check your email to confirm your account
  3. Click the Log in link to log in
  4. Fill out the information on the Profile page: The Profile page contains sections that should be completed prior to applying for a position. An NCGA Application will automatically be generated and attached to each posting that you apply for
  5. Click the "Save Progress" button to save your profile
  6. Click the Position Postings link to access job postings
  7. Click on a position title to view posting details
  8. On the Posting Details page, click the "Posting Description" section header to expand it and review the complete job description
  9. On the Posting Details page, click the "Begin Application" button to apply for the position. An NCGA Application will automatically be generated from the information included on the Profile page and attached to the posting
  10. On the Posting Details page, click the "Add Files" section header to expand it and upload required documents such as: resume, cover letter, transcripts etc.
  11. See the sections below for more information

How to register

Click the Register link. Enter a valid email address and then enter/confirm a password.
(Your password must be at least 8 characters long with a minimum of 1 lower case letter [a-z], 1 upper case letter [A-Z] and 1 number [0-9]).

Register page

An email will be sent from "NC General Assembly Careers (" to the email address provided, and will contain a link and instructions to confirm your account.

Confirm Email

Once the "Confirm Email" link is clicked, you will be redirected to the NCGA Careers page and an Email Confirmed message will be displayed. You may then log in and begin creating your profile.

Email Confirmed

How to access your profile

Click the Log in link and enter the email address and password associated with your account. If you have not completed your profile, you will be directed to the Profile page for completion. If you have already completed your profile and need to review or modify your entries, click the Profile link and navigate to the desired section to edit. Click the "Save Progress" button once you are ready to save changes.

Save Progress Button

How do I apply for positions

Once you have saved your profile with the required fields complete you are able to apply to a position.
Method 1 - From the Posting Details page:
  1. From the "Available Positions" section of the main Position Postings page, click on the title link of the position to view the details.

    Position Postings title
  2. To apply for the position, click the "Begin Application" button.

    Begin Application button

    If the "Begin Application" button is disabled and the following message appears, your profile has not been saved with the minimum requirements to apply.

    The following profile fields must contain information to consider the application complete:
                                                First Name
                                                Last Name
                                                Zip Code
                                                Primary Phone
Method 2 - From the Profile page:
  1. From the Profile page, verify all required fields are complete.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Submit Application to Position" button.

    Submit Application to Posting button
  3. Select a position title from the available options.

The information provided on the Profile page will be used to generate an application document which will be attached to the posting. You will be prompted to review the generated application document once it has been generated.

Verify generated application prompt

You can also view the application at any time in the "Attached Files" section of the page. If the job posting requires additional documentation, see How to attach my resume and other files to my application section

How to attach my resume and other files to my application

  • You will not be able to upload files if you have not already applied to the position. (see the How do I apply for positions section for more info).
  • You will not be able to upload files if the posting is closed.

From the Position Postings page:

  1. Click on a position title to view the Posting Details page.
  2. Click the "Add Files" section header of the posting to expand it.
  3. Click the "Select Files" button to select the files you want to add.
  4. Click the "Open" button within the Open file dialog.
  5. Click the Start Upload button.
Add Files Section

Once the upload process completes, the page will reload and the documents will appear in the "Attached Files" section. If you notice that the name of the file is not what you want, simply click the "Edit" link at the end of the row and then edit the name of the file.

Attached Files/Edit Title Icon

How to update/regenerate my application document

If any information on your application needs to be updated prior to a position's closing date: Log in, return to the Profile page, make the necessary updates, and click the "Save Progress" button. A prompt asking "Would you like to regenerate all submitted applications for open postings?" will appear.

Regenerate All Submitted Applications Prompt

If this change is only applicable to one posting, answer No and then navigate to that posting, expand the Attached Files section and click the "Regenerate Application Document" icon to the right of the NCGA Application Document.

Regenerate Application Document Icon

How to view what positions I've applied for

To view the positions you have applied for, Log in and click My Submissions. Click the position title to view your full submission including uploaded files. If the posting is still open, you can modify or add to your submission.

How to withdraw my application before the closing date

Log in, go to the Position Postings page, click the title link for the position that you would like to withdraw your application from, click the "Withdraw Application" button. If this button is not visible, the closing date has passed.

Withdraw Application Button

How to create an application without applying for a posted position

Follow the steps to Register, log in, and complete and save your profile. From the profile page, click the "View Sample Application" button at the bottom. The application will be generated and displayed in a new tab. Print the application.

View Sample Application Button

Note: Certain browsers display the Job Title and Vacancy Number fields as editable fields allowing you to add that information before printing. If you wish to include that information when you print, you will need to select from the Printer selection screen either "Adobe PDF" (or other Print to PDF option) if using Edge or "Save as PDF" if using Chrome and then print the resulting document. Downloading and printing will print with the editable form fields blank.

Edge-Print to PDF
Chrome-Save As PDF

How to apply using a hard copy application

Download a hard copy of the NCGA Application. If additional work history rows are needed, you may access additional pages here. Print and complete the application, then deliver it along with any and all other required documentation to the address listed at the top of the application.

  NCGA Application
  Additional work history page

Reporting Issues

Contact Website Support if you have technical issues using this website.